Clogged Drains Fixed Fast with Our Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Glendale, CA

Glendale Expert Plumbing and Rooter offers professional sewer and drain cleaning service in Glendale, CA. Our licensed plumbers clear clogged drains in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, and more. Clogged pipes and drains are no match for our heavy-duty drain cleaning services.

Bathroom Drain Services

When bathroom drains start draining slowly, this is a sign you have a clog. In some cases, the clog is shallow and can be cleared using a plunger. However, once the clog has moved farther into the pipe, no amount of plunging will unclog the drain. You need professional drain cleaning services in Glendale for this job.

Our plumbers fix clogged bathroom drains fast using their state-of-the-art snaking tools and hydro-jetting equipment. We clear away years of debris caused by soap build up, toilet paper, hair, and more. Slow drains eventually turn into completely blocked drains. Call us today to schedule a service call with one of our technicians.

Kitchen Drain Services

Kitchen plumbing can experience drainage issue too. Clogged kitchen sinks happen when too much food, grease, or other substances build up in the pipe. It’s also not unusual for kitchen trash like twisty ties, baggies, and even wash clothes to slide down drains unnoticed and cause clogs. If you have a clogged sink in your kitchen, our plumbers can fix the problem ASAP and get your kitchen back in order in no time.

Basement Drain Services

Have you noticed standing water around the floor drains in your basement? Floor drains clog like other drains in your home. If you have this problem, call us right away. Our team of plumbers in Glendale, CA, will come out snake the line and clear the drain fast.

Clogged Sewer Pipe Cleaning

Do you have a clogged sewer pipe? Don’t mess around with this problem. Call us and we’ll send a plumber to your house to send a sewer camera into the pipe. Our sewer camera inspection services find the location of the blockage and give us the information we need to get rid of the problem once and for all.

When drainage issues affect your home, you need professional sewer and drain cleaning services that always hit the mark. Trust the team at Glendale Expert Plumbing and Rooter to provide you with the best cleaning services to keep your pipes in their best shape.

Call us today and ask us about our state-of-the-art hydro-jetting services!